Bam Margera Parties at Atlanta Club Amid Rehab Problems

By: TMZ Staff

Bam Margera's outpatient rehab program clearly isn't working -- because the guy was partying his face off this weekend in a whole different state. TMZ has obtained photos of the 'Jackass' star hanging out early Saturday morning at the Koo Koo Room…

Edward Burns -- Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

By: TMZ Staff

Edward Burns' good looks over the years are hooooot! Here is a 30-year-old version of the New York native, actor and director looking sexy in a shag haircut and earth-toned suit while at a small theater screening in NYC back in 1998 (left). This…

Celebrity Scramble -- Guess Who!

By: TMZ Staff

Behind this swooshed-up image is a guy whose comedic talents landed him on "Saturday Night Live" a time or two ... as well as playing a doctor in "30 Rock" ... showing he's not just draped in drama with his 13 Primetime Emmy nominations. This actor…